The true power of words
is how they are perceived

We believe your words have the power to inspire positive change, delivering impact that’s better for profit, and better for your people.

Our Mission

4d Impact enable UK and Global brands to realise purpose beyond profit, delivering trusted strategy and content, that inspires good for business and good for society.

Why work with 4d Impact?

We go beyond surface-level actions, positioning your values and purpose to energise your employees, shareholders, customers, and stakeholders. Our insightful, results-orientated process places impact at the heart of all that we do.

“It’s been one hell of a ride”

In 2018, our founder Duncan spent 3 months cycling 4,000 miles solo through Myanmar, Laos and China, witnessing the devasting impact of human industry first hand; from the Mekong’s extensive damming, to Loatian palm monocultures, the flattened lands of Boten, and the destruction of Yunnan biosphere.

After landing back in the UK, Duncan completed an MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change, adopting a pragmatic mentality to balance ‘good for business’ with ‘good for society’.

4d Impact was born to help brands increase trust, equity, engagement, impact, and resiliance, by adopting and affecting purpose beyond profit.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

A democratic approach

Brands’ ability to align purpose, values, beliefs, and behaviours, with customers, employees, and stakeholders, will increasingly define their value, as a sum of engagement, advocacy, trust, loyalty, and resilience.


That great empathy informs great insight and strategy, on which sound culture and meaningful impact depend. And, that the best marketing content places audience needs first, with integrity that stands the test of time.

Profit enables something bigger

That profit should exist as an enabler, improving the lives of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Through this belief, businesses can sustain long-term relevance, which carries universal benefit.

Forget about perfection

Real culture requires real humility. Test, fail fast, iterate, learn through community, and continuously seek to improve.

Our 4 Dimensions

Following 22 years in marketing, 4d Impact was founded to inspire and deliver purpose, culture, craft, and impact, with a firm belief that great business can inspire great society.


We develop pragmatic and collaborative strategy, with a focus on action. Our strategies give you the clarity and step-by-step guidelines to affect impact among each of your stakeholder audiences, acknowleding that meaningful change starts from within.

Expect a democratic approach that encourages participation and inclusion. We’ll set solid metrics and process for review and adaptation, making sure things stay on track. Whilst long-term mitigation and vision are vital, our focus is in laddering up incremental and affordable activities that enable tangible progress from the get go.


A 2017 study found humans are hard-wired to take the path of least resistence. Greenwashing is one such pathway; a gap between the desire for positive perception and measured net positive influence on society. Though, peel back the layers, and the problem is specific to brand culture. It is endemic.

The truth is, meaningful societal change is not possible without authentic brand culture. There is simply too much resistance.

What’s different about our approach to culture, is that we don’t care where you’ve been. We care about your intent and where you’re going. If like us you recognise that profit is an enabler not an end goal, then we are able to help position your brand, team, or organisation for success.


According to a recent study by ahrefs, over 90% of online content is never read. Even amongst the remaining 10%, few websites truly get to the core of the question, inspire imagination, or embody meaningful connection.

Using behavioural psychology and deep empathy, we read between the lines, to understand what truly energises your audiences.


The world continues to change more rapidly than ever before, and it is essential for businesses to reach new levels of agility, integrity, and transparency.

Our 4th dimension translates compelling words and actions into stories of meaningful impact. Far from the confines of typical annual reports, once seen, forever forgotten, we compile human narratives, reporting your front-line efforts to embody purpose for and beyond profit.

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