Stakeholder Communications

Align disparate audiences over common goals

We help balance the needs of stakeholders, employees, customers, and brands; crafting content that inspires affinity and impact.

‘Stakeholder Comms’ can be a subjective term. We use it to describe an integrated approach to ESG, capturing Suppliers, Investors, Communities, and Media, in addition to Internal and Customer Comms.

Our strategic approach positions brands with a consistent and trusted voice, translating values and purpose to clear intent, and meaningful impact.

Stakeholder Comms: An Integrated Approach to ESG

Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is rapidly evolving, demanding greater transparency and accountability. However, whilst this may sound a drag, values, purpose, and intent, which we define as the engine room of ESG, are ultimately about serving the needs of people. Furthermore, good business demands good governance – it serves not only the needs of shareholders, but the needs of all stakeholders, and society at large.

That’s why we believe stakeholder communications and ESG Strategy must not be addressed in isolation. Instead, we take a holistic approach, ensuring a clear and consistent ethos, flexing to audience needs, but always impacting the same purposeful goals.

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Stakeholder Strategy: Position Your Purpose

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The amazing thing about purpose, is its power to capture hearts and minds; something seldom achieved by profit alone.

We believe profit serves purpose. And that purpose serves profit. Strategy governed by stakeholders’ own needs, beliefs, contexts, visions, and values, results in unique positioning, innovation, loyalty and mitigation.

Our approach to stakeholder comms recognises profit as an essential component of purpose, but not a purpose in and of itself. To make it such, would be to lose sight of your audience.

Compelling Action, leads to Compelling Impact

One challenge with the traditional comms agency model, is that communications are the tip of the iceberg; a single factor of influence, reflecting a deeper set of values and actions.

Our systemic approach to communication, starts with insight, values and purpose; then determines actions and metrics to deliver meaningful impact. Comms are then fully integrated across the stakeholder and ESG mix, bringing real-world stories to life, and highlighting benefits that genuinely seek to improve and enhance lives.

We believe communication cannot be planned in isolation. If you’re ready to explore a more strategic approach to ESG, get in touch.

Stakeholder Copywriting

  • Add substance to your subject matter
  • Copy that resonates with investors
  • Stay front of mind

Stakeholder Impact

  • Annual Reporting
  • ESG Reporting
  • Stakeholder metrics
ESG is here to stay. It will change and evolve, but it is an area of business that directors should embrace

Stakeholder Comms: Our Words

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