Tone of Voice

Inspire confidence with consistency

Those who define tone with clarity enable personality, trust, and affinity.

Dial your tone, from 1 to 5.

Just as our own tone adapts to our audience, we believe your positioning is best-rooted in audience needs and preferences, reflecting your brand, values, and purpose.

Our approach to defining tone of voice aims to empower, connect, and inspire your team, bringing deep insight and abundant energy. A leap away from the day-to-day.

Jump in at any of the 5 steps pictured, via 1 or more workshops. We love this process, and know you will too.

Positioning your success

Each of the following 5 steps has a workshop attached. We can combine workshops, or run as a single ‘Sprint’, delivering maximum value, in minimum time.

1. Audience

We review Customer, Employee, Stakeholder and Societal needs, values, and behaviours, as a base for understanding brand value and purpose.

2. Values

We compare the values of your people, customers, and organisation, highlighting gaps, -reviewing how values are lived, and externalising them to align to audiences.

3. Purpose

We believe purpose is about connecting your values, and commercial goals with genuine societal good, ensuring your audiences value your organisation beyond profit. We focus on short-term impact that corresponds with long-term vision.

4. Brand

We review your current brand positioning in light of steps 1 – 3, identifying gaps, revised positioning, and a roadmap to get there. We ensure a solid platform exists to facilitate an integrated tone of voice, ensuring all brand elements work in cohesion.

5. Tone

Equipped with audience insights, values, purpose, and brand positioning, we reflect brand personality as a consistent tone of voice. We’ll agree how to review effectiveness, and define how tone is flexed according to audience.

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At 4d Impact, everything we do is rooted in values and purpose. Ready to connect with your audiences on a deeper level? Book a free strategy call – typically 30 mins, with no obligation. We’ll provide at least 3 clear recommendations, with no charge attached.

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Democratise your tone of voice

Elevate trust, with a consistent brand personality.

We can train, inspire, or collaborate with your internal / stakeholder comms, sales, and customer service teams, embedding an integrated approach to living and communicating your brand.

Time for Impact!

Once your values, purpose, brand, and tone of voice are defined, it’s time to put words into action. Our snappy guidelines ensure your content stays on brand, no matter who is producing it, for which purpose, or which audience you’re targeting.

4d Impact provide a full suite of content strategy and copywriting services. We’re always at hand to propel your brand, and inspire real-world impact.

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, use their language; the language they use every day; the language in which they think.
David Ogilvy

Tone of Voice: Our Words

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