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No ESG Strategy can be successful without embracing diversity

Hi – I’m Duncan, a strategy director with 22 years’ marketing some of the UK’s leading brands. I also have ADHD.

I started 4d Impact out of frustation and hope. Whilst network marketing agencies deliver compelling creative, many operate at a nexus of high cost, low efficiency, and high burnout, a particularly challenging environment for those with conditions such as ADHD and Autism.

Whilst ADHD and Autism are common in marketing agencies, few have embraced these superpowers with sincerity, missing out on a vital source of advantage, from unique abilities, to retention, wellbeing, cohesion, and overall effectiveness.

In 4dImpact, we’re building partnerships with clients and colleagues to bring their full potential to the fore. We are uniquely not-for-profit, and plan to invest any profits in offering free neurodivergent and carbon literacy training to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences.
Audre Lorde.

Place your eCommerce audience front and center

We take time to identify, segment, prioritise, and address audience needs, perspectives, and barriers, applying behavioural psychology to eCommerce copywriting.

Audience needs vary depending on their changing location, timing, and context. The right eCommerce content is different during a daily commute, than when cosying into the sofa.

Ecommerce decisions are often fragmented, demanding your store stays front of mind. We make the process intuitive, with simple funnels, and inspiring emails, before and after sale.

4 eCommerce Copywriting Steps to Success

We analyse shopper data, and prepare actionable insight. Psychology is at the heart of our eCommerce strategy and copywriting services.

Our eCommerce strategies are insight-led, and results-driven, using clear benchmarks and metrics to prioritise, target, and schedule content.

Our strategy determines our narrative, detailing who needs what, where, when. Our eCommerce copywriters put words into action, remaining aligned to SEO needs.

Our affordable pricing allows for a partnership approach, ensuring your copy is optimised to perform at its peak, converting more custom to your cause.

Book a call to discuss your eCommerce Strategy

Ready to connect with your audiences on a deeper level? Book a free eCommerce strategy call – typically 30 mins, and we’ll provide at least 3 clear recommendations, with no charge or obligation attached.

Enquire about part-funding for selected Not for profits, including CICs, Charities, and NGOs.

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Leave no stone unturned

Homepages seldom receive the majority of visits, or offer the most tailored eCommerce experience. We take an analytical approach, planning landing pages that address needs and capture engagement.

Our funnels start with captivating ad copy, before users land onsite. Once landed, we simplify the process to checkout and beyond. Our funnels are setup in Google Analytics, providing insight to inform continuous improvement.

Without compelling product copywriting, led by customer needs, you may attract many visits, but few sales. We’ll craft stand-out headings, and benefits-rich copy that converts interest to sale.

Our CRM Strategy ensures your emails and nudges prevent lost sales. Once checkout is complete, the journey continues, with content to match our ever-evolving knowledge of ‘implicit’ and ‘explicit’ customer needs, resulting in great reviews, and repeat sales.

Blogs are an SEO staple, providing rich and informative content, which can elevate trust and brand experience.

Our blog and article writing services embed well-honed keyword strategy, whilst informing, educating, and entertaining your audience.

FAQs can provide a short and snappy means of addressing buyer questions and concerns, preventing lost sales.

By contrast, product buying guides offer narrative flow and pragmatic tips to aid buyer decisions.

eCommerce analytics tailored to your unique needs

You’ll receive a ‘straight-up’ approach, with no smoke and mirrors. Here are some examples of software we use to review content performance:

3 Top Tips: Convert Content to Customers

1 Make it mean something

Avoid waffle. Instead, always write with clear objective. If it’s unlikely to genuinely aid the reader, hit delete and start again.

2 Think through a shopper’s mindset

Document your audience’s motivators, barriers, context, and process. Then address each with a planned approach to website and content structure.

3 Unique and benefits-led

Get to the heart of what makes your web store, product, or product offering uniquely relevant. Consider dynamic content tailored toward specific customer needs. Highlight how your products will benefit the customer’s life, going beyond it’s form or function.

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Carbon Literacy: Training Today for a Better Tomorrow

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