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Get to the heart of audience needs, and inspire action

One piece of meaningful well-targeted content that inspires action, is more valuable than any amount that doesn’t. Our Content Analytics help you to achieve more, without needing to do more.

Content Analytics save time
and money

Our content strategies utilise behavioural psychology to address audience’s enduring and contextual needs, reducing the cost of your marketing efforts, whilst increasing brand affinity.

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Empathy Inspires Action

Meaning cannot be assumed: it is experienced.

We believe content that fails to connect with audience needs and values can be brand negative. Conversely, meaningful content inspires and multiplies lasting connections.

With brand affinity at stake, we place insight and optimisation at the heart of what we do, inspiring genuine connection between audiences and content. Our journey is cyclical, not linear.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Sherlock Holmes in “A study in Scarlet” by Arthur Conan Doyle

No more info without impact

Tired of wading through data? ‘Interesting’ info lacking clear action?

4 examples of how we use Content Analytics to deliver real results:

1. KPI Reporting

KPIs are core to our craft, helping us write and optimise words with impact. However, it can often be challenging to keep track of content across a multitude of platforms. We tackle this challenge with an integrated view, providing real-time self-serve insights, or via succinct, timely, actionable reports. Our reporting provides clarity and removes guesswork. Optimise your content and inform next moves, without the hassle.

2. Website Optimisation

Actionable website analytics are a vital component of your success. We can streamline your Google Analytics to reflect your content strategy, making it easier than ever to retrieve actionable insights, and optimise your campaigns.

We also offer A/B and Multivariate testing, enabling us to evaluate options and tailor content to engagement.

3. Feedback Loops

‘Soft’ (qualitative) metrics are often overlooked when producing content. Rather than your content being left to gather dust, we can keep things fresh, responding to feedback loops, such as customer reviews, comments, and questions. We can review and implement these changes directly, or make regular recommendations for edits.

4. Conversion Funnels

Engaging, value-adding content plays a vital role in your sales funnel, elevating trust in your brand, gaining referals, and nudging deeper into conversation pathways. We match content to customer journeys during our strategy phase, then setup analytics to track and optimise performance.

We lead with audience, values, and purpose,
tailoring tech to your unique needs

You’ll receive a ‘straight-up’ approach, with no smoke and mirrors. Here are some examples of software we use to review the performance of your content:

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