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Founder’s Story

Our founder, Duncan, grew up in close connection with nature. He created 4d Impact following 20+ years in the Marketing industry, 10 as a Strategy Director, working with many of the UK’s leading Retail and FMCG brands. He holds Post-Graduate Diplomas in Marketing and Sustainability & Behaviour Change.

The Difference between CSR, ESG, and Sustainability

Language is at the heart of what we do. In a world of great complexity, clarity has never been more important.



CSR first appeared in the 1950s, though it was in the 1970s that CSR emerged as a prominent strategy among household brands to connect with audiences at values-level and re-assure markets of a measured approach to risk.

CSR is a precept to ESG, in that it is more conceptual. A social promise or obligation, rather than ameans of measurement.

As CSR has developed as a highly effective marketing strategy, organisations have increasingly been called to translate their words into action. That’s where ESG comes in.



ESG seeks accountability and transparency over commitments to balance profit with societal impact.

As ESG regulation continues to toughen, and climate law develops, interest in and focus on ESG metrics has grown, meaning a more robust approach to CSR is fast becoming a ‘must do’.

As ESG accountability extends to ‘scope 3’ emissions (those of partners, employees, and suppliers), ESG strategies incorporating robust promises and tangible impact have become defining factors in investment decisions and supplier selection.



Sustainability is an open, all-encompassing, and often ambiguous term, which can be applied as much to the sustainability of a supply chain, as that of an ecosystem.

In a world of complexity, sustainability risks over-simplification; so, attempts must be made to specify its use and targeted impact.

What ‘Sustainability’ can do well is explain an overall ethos, which protects the interests of all stakeholders, in balancing the external costs of an organisation, with its resilience, and scope for societal good.

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We offer part-funded services for selected NGOs, Charities, and Not for Profits, ensuring our ESG strategy and copywriting services are accessible, even where budgets are squeezed.

Good for Business, Good for Society

At 4d Impact, we take a pragmatic approach to Environmental and Social Governance. Our approach to Purpose Beyond Profit elevates 4 key organisational benefits:

According to Bain & Co, purpose-led brands can bring about radically positive change, correlating with a surge in profitable innovation.

However, increasingly savvy customers are looking beyond the facade, attaching their own values and identity to the brands they purchase.

In light of Net Zero’s ambition, the legal and regulatory environment is itself undergoing dramatic change. Organisations placing purpose and accountability at the heart of their operations are best placed to tackle these demands, reducing risk, and increasing resilience.

At 4d Impact, we can help clarify strategy and position among your stakeholders, whilst keeping ahead of legislative and best practice guidelines.

Despite wide-ranging views of the climate crisis, one thing that appears constant is the upcoming risk to primary resources and product components. For example, one of the greatest challenges in EV scale-up is access to lithium.

During the COVID pandemic of 2020, supply chains were caught in a perfect storm of skills and materials shortages, further extended by the war in Ukraine. Such logistical challenges signify the impact of poor harvests and increased migration, central to the climate crisis.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. Many positive steps are being taken to improve resilience, however, with the global population forecast to hit 10bn by 2050, and a transition from ‘developing’ to ‘developed’ countries of India, Brazil, and China, business leaders must act to secure their own sustainable future.

Amongst people working a 37.5-hour week, c.60% of waking hours (Monday – Friday, given 8 hours sleep) are spent at work.

Your staff value purpose. It is human nature to seek meaning in what we do. And so, communicating your purpose is core to staff happiness, and your own success.

Just as the COVID pandemic proved a tough moment for supply chains, it also resulted in the biggest ever re-think of careers, deemed ‘the great resignation’. Indeed, 4copy was born from this very same journey.

Value at work comes through many means: autonomy, feeling valued, understood, and cared for, and sharing meaningful purpose. Your words play a crucial role. We hope ours can too.

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Our Sustainability and ESG Services are designed to help your organisation get ahead of increasing regulatory, stakeholder, investor, employee, and customer expectations. We offer simplicity and sureity in an increasingly complex world.

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