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Shape and Deliver your Purpose

Our highly experienced strategists bring inquisitive minds and visionary perspective, grounded in audience and commercial realities.

Think big, win big

Connecting purpose with profit requires big-picture thinking, and an audience-first mindset.

Our Brand Strategy Workshops help imagine, align, prioritise, and inspire meaningful action.

Strategy Workshops that Start with Purpose, Inspiring People and Profit

Our Workshops are designed to get to the heart of your brand and communication strategies, blending good for Business, with good for Employees, and Society.

Good for Business

Business is ever-more rapidly evolving. Increasingly, people demand products compatible with their lives, social footprint, and world view.

Brands who connect purpose with audiences beyond profit, are most resilient to future supply and demand side pressures, whilst inspiring trust and loyalty.

With increasing regulation, such as CSDR, NFRD, and Europe’s Green Claims Directive, there has never been a better time to get ahead on Environmental and Social Governance.

Good for Employees

Work is more rewarding for everyone when people get a sense they are working for a greater good.

A 2020 study by McKinsey showed that 82% of workers believe in the importance of company purpose. Whilst, happy employees are c.20% more productive, and have a significantly higher rate of retention, and brand advocacy.

As employees are your greatest brand asset, creating meaningful scope for impact beyond profit, makes for a happier, more productive workplace.

Good for People

When we talk about the climate crisis, it is largely in fear of its increasing impact on humans, from biodiversity loss being fundamental to crop yields, to coastal erosion, migration, and economic instability.

However, it is, perhaps, the change we make now, and in the near future, that carries the greatest impact.

Our brand strategy workshops examine how near-term strategies deliver positive human, business, and employee outcomes, inspire stories, and brand trust, whilst aligning with long-term goals.

Strategy Workshops: Test the water, from just £300!

Our brand strategy workshops empower your team to connect values with audiences, inspiring meaningful actions, delivering profit and purpose.

Let the light in

When immersed in the everyday, it is often hard to pause and see the big picture from the outside in. We love how workshops get to the heart of an opportunity in record time.

Expect an action-packed forum, buzzing with energy, and filled with inspiring insight, energising your ideas, and defining clear and prioritised actions.

Strategy Workshop Topics

Our Strategy Workshops frequent the following topics. Need something a bit different? No problem! This list is far from exhaustive. Book a free strategy call to explore your exact needs.

  • Audience behaviour
  • Profit vs. purpose
  • Targeting & segmentation
  • Defining your tone of voice
  • ESG Strategy
  • Externalising your values
  • Positioning your purpose
  • Brand positioning
  • Embedding your voice
  • Content Strategy

Facilitating your success

1. Audience

We review Customer, Employee, Stakeholder and Societal needs, values, and behaviours, as a base for understanding brand value and purpose.

2. Values

We compare the values of your people, customers, and organisation, highlighting gaps, -reviewing how values are lived, and externalising them to align to audiences.

3. Purpose

We believe purpose is about connecting your values, and commercial goals with genuine societal good, ensuring your audiences value your organisation beyond profit. We focus on short-term impact that corresponds with long-term vision.

4. Brand

We review your current brand positioning in light of steps 1 – 3, identifying gaps, revised positioning, and a roadmap to get there. We ensure a solid platform exists to facilitate an integrated tone of voice, ensuring all brand elements work in cohesion.

5. Tone

Equipped with audience insights, values, purpose, and brand positioning, we reflect brand personality as a consistent tone of voice. We’ll agree how to review effectiveness, and define how tone is flexed according to audience.

Strategy Workshop Examples

Each of our brand strategy workshops can be fully tailored for your team, though if budgets are tight, we are happy to take a more standardised approach Two examples are summarised below, and a full list of typical workshops available on request.

Workshop 1. Profit vs. purpose

The need to generate profit is not in itself a purpose.

Profit proves business viability, though customer and employee loyalty correlate more with shared values than they do shareholder returns. To maximise engagement, purpose has to mean more than pounds and pence.

Aims – Clarify how profit inspires purpose and how purpose inspires profit
– Determine outcomes for internal, stakeholder, and customer audiences
Outputs – Team consensus as to the role and importance of purpose in your organisation
– Clear examples of what purpose might mean
– Clear next steps to define and position purpose
Duration 2 – 4 hours (with breaks)
WhereOnline, Offsite, or Onsite
Costfrom £250 (remote, standardised, <=3 attentees, top-line summary of output)
to £2,000 (fully bespoke, onsite, <=12 attendees, full summary of insights and recommendations)

This workshop explores the links between purpose, engagement, and commercial success. We ask poinient questions, sharing insights and strategies that deliver short-term, real-world impact, inspiring content audiences find truly meaningful.

Workshop 2. Living your values

We believe shared values are at the core of successful teams, effective marketing, and the long-term strategic success of your organisation.

Defining, aligning, living, and externalising values, are very different concepts. This workshop will explore each of them.

Aims – Re-visit your organisational values
– Determine personal and customer values
– Perform a values gap analysis (personal vs. customer vs. organisational)
– Assess how values are lived in day-to-day practice
– Determine opportunities to align the practice of values with organisational, customer, and employee needs
Outputs – Clear values sets for organisation, customer, personal and collective (team)
– Clarity as to where values may and may not overlap
– Clear examples of values in action
Duration 2 – 4 hours (with breaks)
WhereOnline, Offsite, or Onsite
Costfrom £250 (remote, standardised, <=3 attentees, top-line summary of output)
to £2,000 (fully bespoke, onsite, <=12 attendees, full summary of insights and recommendations)

Depending on where you are in your journey to purpose beyond profit, we will help shape your purpose; align it with those of your audiences; translate your internal values, to those of your customers, and start to form a common language through which organisational, stakeholder, and customer needs align.

Identity is cause; brand is effect.
The strength of the former influences the strength of the latter.
Larry Ackerman

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